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Nick speaks on Innovation

The best organizations in the world are transitioning from Disruptive Innovation to Chaotic Innovation.

Nick speaks on Happiness

Learn the secrets of the happiest organizations and how they attract and keep the best talent.

Nick speaks on Healthcare

build future-ready organizations that are People Powered, Innovative, and Future Ready.

Nick speaks on Enterprise

Sample video of a custom keynote presentation that speaks directly to the current needs of the client.

Nick’s book trailer for “Heyday”

In this powerful presentation, Nick provides a how-to-fly manual on personal and organizational happiness.

The Healthcare Cure Trailer

Watch Nick’s trailer for his award-winning documentary film.

The Healthcare Cure

Watch Nick’s full award-winning film on The Future of Healthcare.

Nick speaking around the world

Nick travels the world to deliver highly customized talks to some of the best organizations.

Custom corporate training programs

Nick is one of the top corporate trainers in the country providing customized training programs.

The Healthcare Mandate

The future of healthcare is the subject of chaotic change! Learn the DNA of the future of healthcare to drive superstar healthcare organizations.

Happy Work

The best organizations in the world are building a Culture of Happiness that is driving sustainable growth and innovation while attracting and keeping the best talent.

What Customers Hate

In a time of hyper-consumerism organizations need to quickly identify what their customers hate so they can eliminate it, to drive sustainable growth, happy customers and happy employees.