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Really enjoyed!

Really enjoyed your keynote at Asembia! Hope to connect to stay excited, informed, and energized.

Sean R

Great presentation!



Your presentation today was phenomenal! I left today ready to tackle the world.


I'm a fan!

I heard you speak at SIA Healthcare Summit in Vegas this fall and have become a fan!


Very impressive!

Just watched your presentation at AXS24. Very impressive!

Dirk K

Fantastic takeaways!

Thanks for your great presentation today at AGILE! Fantastic takeaways!


A great kick off.

Nick! I heard many positive comments throughout the day! A great kick off for us!


Rave reviews from attendees.

Thank you for joining us for AGILE and for the wonderful keynote presentation. We’ve heard rave reviews from attendees who really enjoyed your insights and your sense of humor too.


You killed it!

You killed it! I truly enjoyed your talk! Thank you.


Really great.

Very well presented and a strong presenter. Really great content and really great examples that were very relatable!


It was great hearing you today! I left inspired!


Chaotic Change is Coming.

... Are You Ready?

Nicholas Webb's latest book, "Chaotic Change," serves as an essential playbook for CEOs, leaders, managers, and changemakers . This powerful guide addresses the volatile shifts occurring in the realms of Disruptive Innovation, The Changing Workforce, Lucid Leadership, Emerging Technologies, and more. Get the knowledge to not only withstand Chaotic Change but also to harness its transformative power to drive sustainable growth and innovation.

In Bookstores Worldwide, Summer 2024


Nick Webb’s Future Trend Topics



Nick provides a playbook for the future on how the best healthcare organizations are addressing Emerging Technologies, Staffing, AI, Patient Consumerism, Inflation and rapidly Changing Economy, Value Models, and Marketplace Challenges. As one of the Top Keynote Speakers on Healthcare in the world, Nick’s talk springs with energy, fun, and, most importantly, actionable insights that yield incredibly positive outcomes for his audiences.



Innovation has transitioned through three distinct phases including: Incremental Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, to our current state of Chaotic Innovation. As an award-winning inventor, Nick will share his deep expertise on how the best organizations are leveraging the superpower of Chaotic Innovation to thrive in 2024 and beyond.


Future Trends.

The marketplace is poised to undergo significant transformation driven by three major disruptive trends. These trends encompass the influence of hyper-consumerism, the emergence of cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, and the dynamic shifts within the workforce.

In this compelling keynote presentation, Nick Webb not only shares captivating and enjoyable insights about the future but also provides valuable, actionable guidance on how to navigate and harness the potential of these three pivotal trends.



The future workforce is the subject of massive disruption. This requires that organizations develop a culture of Enterprise Happiness. The best organizations in the world are leveraging Human Experience Innovation to Attract, Retain, and Motivate Leaders and Mission-critical Employees.

This powerful presentation is based on the fresh research from Nick’s Bestselling books, “Lucid Leadership” and “Happy Work.”



The marketplace is rapidly transitioning into a State of Hyper-consumerism. This means that the best organizations in the world are building out Formal Human Experience (HX) Innovation Strategies to significantly improve the experience for both Employees and Customers. Additionally, they are reducing friction while improving value, transparency, and human connection.

Nick shares fun and powerful examples of what the best organizations are doing to thrive in the new marketplace.

What you get.

Nick is one of the top futurist authors in the world.

Nick has a knowledgebase of bestselling books on every topic he speaks on.