Nick Webb

There is been a big buzz around the phrase “Quiet Quitting” this concept suggests that employees are taking a paycheck, but they’re actually not providing much in the way of work. This is virtually never the fault of the employee. In my experience in my management consulting firm, we find that employers that are suffering from so-called Quiet Quitting, are those employers that have not implemented a thoughtful Happiness Strategy that drives far greater degrees of productivity, and engagement. Employees want to have clear directions on what is expected from them in a way that is surgically connected to their own contributions within the enterprise.

If you want to rapidly improve Employee Happiness and Productivity, you need to get far better employee insights, and then transmute those insights into Actionable Innovations that drive Happiness and Engagement. The net result will be significant improvements in your Cultural, Ether, and Productivity.

Today employees are faced with many stressors that they didn’t have to deal with prior to C-19. Let’s deal with the real problem of “Sad Staying” and get our teams Happy again and your Employee Productivity will soar.