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Welcome to the leader logic podcast hosted by consultant and best selling author Nicholas Webb in a time of massive market disruption organizational leaders are looking for practical and actionable ideas on how to drive organizational growth and profit. In today’s program you will learn how to drive strategic excellence innovation and world class customer experiences. Ladies and gentlemen your host Nicholas Webb.

Hi this is Nicholas Webb and welcome to All Things innovation. The purpose of this podcast is to give you fast and real actionable insights in the area of innovation, in the area of new product development, in the area of disruptive innovation, and really pretty much all things innovation. Now the reason I architected this podcast the way I did is that if you were like me and I suspect you might be, you certainly don’t have time to listen to a bunch of ramp ups and a bunch of concepts and theories. You’re looking for fast actionable real information that you can apply in your organization or even in your job function. And that’s the intention and that’s what we will achieve at All Things Innovation. You know as a management consultant I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best brands in the world, and what I found is that many organizations look at innovation theoretically or conceptually and they really never apply the heavy lifting of the things that need to be done to really enjoy the Super Power benefits of innovation. In fact my goal here is to make you an innovation superstar.

You know the university that I work at at Western U we’re building out a certification program on certified enterprise innovators and certified health care innovators and certified technology innovators and in the process of building that curriculum… I begin to realize that you know this isn’t easy teaching innovation because it is so vast and it really touches on so many different areas of an enterprise, and society, and the list goes on and on that how do you really take all of this complexity and turn it into something that is meaningful and actionable. And let me give you the example of the difference between DOS for those of you who survived the DOS era where we had to code a computer in order to get it to do something as simple as print a piece of paper. Well obviously when Apple and PARC research came out with the GUI interface the economy that is now the Apple OS it really changed everything because we were able to use very simple and very intuitive symbology as a way to be able to know how to operate the complexity of a computer. Well with that in mind that’s what I really want to do here. I want to take all of the complexity of innovation and to give you a very easy to understand user interface so that you don’t have to really deal with all of the minutia and all of the theorems and all of the concepts….

What I want to get to is ground level how do we really do the stuff. How do we have an impact on our market our customer and the enterprise that we work for. How do we do that. It was interesting to me in writing my upcoming book The Innovation Mandate, what I found is that the overwhelming majority of executives that have the job title Chief Innovation Officer didn’t even really know how to describe innovation in a way that was actionable. Wow. In fact when you look more broadly you’ll see that there are hundreds and thousands of different definitions of the little old word “innovation”. I think that really tells us a lot. The truth of the matter is is innovation is very very elegant. It’s easy to understand. It’s easy to apply but you have to be willing to work hard to take all of that complexity and distill it down into something that people can really apply. That’s the intention of this podcast and each week we will address a range of topics from new product development to where ideas come from the difference between ideas and innovation. We’ll even work with patent attorneys and talk about provisional patents and utility patents and design patents and other forms of intellectual property protection.

We’ll talk to you about the proper process of taking a concept an idea and moving it to market. We’ll talk about the range of innovations that go beyond the bright shiny object. It used to be that the best innovations in the world where innovations that were stuff, there were things, that were bright shiny objects. But today the best innovations are the way in which we innovate better organizations, the way in which we innovate around customer experiences, the way in which we innovate new business models, the way in which we innovate processes within our enterprise to drive optimization and scalable growth and profitability. These are all innovations, and we’re going to talk about them very very broadly. So you can see how do I apply the superpower of innovation that Nick has taught me to improve the way in which we run our organization or prove improve the way in which we deliver beautiful exquisite customer experiences. So that’s a primer of what we’ll be doing in this program. I really hope you join me with this. I’ll put a lot of work and thought into each of my podcasts to respect your incredible time and to give you something that’s real that’s actionable…

And most importantly something that delivers real value to you your organization and the customers you serve. Thanks for taking this journey with me.

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