Nick Webb

The Workforce of the Future, and Building a Culture of Happiness

Fun and Powerful Talk on how the Best Organizations are Attracting, Retaining and Motivating their Workforce through Human Experience (HX) Innovation


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Really enjoyed!

Really enjoyed your keynote at Asembia! Hope to connect to stay excited, informed, and energized.

Sean R

Great presentation!



Your presentation today was phenomenal! I left today ready to tackle the world.


I'm a fan!

I heard you speak at SIA Healthcare Summit in Vegas this fall and have become a fan!


Very impressive!

Just watched your presentation at AXS24. Very impressive!

Dirk K

Fantastic takeaways!

Thanks for your great presentation today at AGILE! Fantastic takeaways!


A great kick off.

Nick! I heard many positive comments throughout the day! A great kick off for us!


Rave reviews from attendees.

Thank you for joining us for AGILE and for the wonderful keynote presentation. We’ve heard rave reviews from attendees who really enjoyed your insights and your sense of humor too.


You killed it!

You killed it! I truly enjoyed your talk! Thank you.


Really great.

Very well presented and a strong presenter. Really great content and really great examples that were very relatable!


It was great hearing you today! I left inspired!


Chaotic Change is Coming.

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Lessons from an award-winning inventor and bestselling innovation author

Nicholas Webb

Employee Happiness – The Game-Changer for Sustainable Growth

Unveiling the Power of Human Experience Innovation

Top-tier organizations worldwide recognize the imperative need to elevate both the customer and employee experience to achieve enduring and dependable growth. Traditionally, these two facets have operated in isolation, yielding discontented employees and customers.

In this compelling presentation, Nick will divulge the invaluable insights from his bestselling book, “Happy Work,” and reveal how leading organizations are harnessing the potential of human experience innovation to not only attract and retain their workforce but also to keep them motivated. This talk is not only energetic and enjoyable but, more importantly, it furnishes you with practical and actionable strategies that can be immediately implemented within your organization. Join us in this transformative exploration of employee happiness as the cornerstone of sustainable success.


The Impact of

Human Experience Design

Nick Webb, a renowned workforce visionary, has long championed the transformative power of Human Experience design. Drawing insights from his bestselling book, “Happy Work,” he delves into how workplaces can harness this design philosophy to foster environments where employees not only work but thrive. With experience training over 70,000 employees, Nick elucidates how optimizing for Human Experience can lead to improved work quality and an organization’s ability to both attract and retain mission-critical talent.


How to Create

a Culture of Happiness

In an era marked by chaotic change, fostering a culture of happiness in the workplace has never been more essential. Nick Webb, leveraging insights from “Happy Work,” offers a compelling blueprint for cultivating an environment where happiness isn’t just a byproduct but a cultivated outcome. Drawing from his extensive experience training tens of thousands in the workforce, Nick provides actionable strategies, demonstrating that when employees are content, engaged, and valued, organizations flourish.


How to Lead

Multigenerational and Multicultural Teams

The modern workplace is a melting pot of generations and cultures, each bringing distinct values, perspectives, and expectations. Nick Webb, with his vast experience and insights from “Happy Work,” provides leaders with the tools and understanding needed to effectively steer these diverse teams. By acknowledging and embracing the varied strengths of multigenerational and multicultural teams, leaders can harness a collective synergy, ensuring that every team member feels understood, valued, and empowered.


The Future

of Work

As the winds of change continually reshape the employment landscape, understanding the future of work is paramount. Nick Webb, a trailblazer in workforce thought leadership, dives deep into the evolving paradigms in his bestselling book “Happy Work.” With a focus on how organizations can adapt and thrive amidst chaotic change, Nick shares insights on emerging trends, the shifting expectations of employees, and how forward-thinking organizations can position themselves for success in this dynamic future.


How to Become

a Master of Human Experience

To truly excel in leadership in today’s workforce requires mastering the intricacies of human experience. Nick Webb, in his extensive training sessions and through insights from “Happy Work,” elucidates the principles and practices that define a Master of Human Experience. It’s not just about understanding employees’ needs but genuinely resonating with their aspirations, emotions, and motivations. By embracing and championing the Human Experience, leaders can forge stronger connections, foster loyalty, and drive unparalleled organizational success.

What you get.

Nick is one of the top Workforce Culture and Happiness speakers in the world.

Nick brings a fresh

perspective and multi-generational view of how employees and team members view leadership and work.

Nick is a multiple number one bestselling author and one of the top leadership speakers and consultants in the world.

His clients represent dozens of the top organizations in the world including McDonald’s, Pfizer, 3M, Johnson & Johnson, FedEx, Salesforce, and others. This fresh keynote will take your Leadership to a new level.

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Nick knows Innovation

He wrote the book(s) on it.

Nick is a multiple number-one bestselling author and provides fresh research and real-world experience as an innovator and an advisor to the top organizations. He delivers world-class novel content that is real, practical, and most importantly, actionable.

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Nick knows Innovation

He wrote the book(s) on it.

Nick is a multiple number-one bestselling author and provides fresh research and real-world experience as an innovator and an advisor to the top organizations. He delivers world-class novel content that is real, practical, and most importantly, actionable.