Nick Webb

I believe my book was very well received by the marketing community because it really addresses the four quadrants of growth and revenue. By that I mean, most marketing efforts focus on the use of marketing to get new customers. The problem is theoretically this only represents 25% of your revenue opportunity. There are three other areas that are just as important as your marketing efforts if you are looking to drive predictable and sustainable enterprise growth. The three other areas that have a major impact on sustainable enterprise growth is customer retention, customer promotion, and the avoidance of customer deflection.

The first two are pretty straightforward, the last term customer deflection refers to the fact that bad social ratings or adverse comments about your organization or products in social communities will have a massive impact on affecting opportunities for continuous growth. In addition to my book, What Customers Hate, I also recommend taking a look at my books, Happy Work, and One Step Ahead as a playbook for your growth for 2023 and beyond.