Mastering Customer Experience in 2024 and Beyond

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Customer Experience is Out

Human Experience is in!

In a rapidly evolving world, it’s no longer enough to simply meet customer expectations; you must exceed them, while also providing a better experience for your stakeholders. As 2024 unfolds, the fastest growing organizations globally are unlocking the secrets of Chaotic Innovation and Human Experience (HX) Design. This powerful new approach drives Revenue Growth, Innovation, Customer and Employee Happiness.

In this inspirational talk, Nick will share the secrets of how the best organizations in the world are making Customer and Employee Happiness, an Enterprise Priority. This upbeat talk, is fueled by Nick’s fresh research from his multiple number one bestselling books. Nick will leave your audience motivated, inspired, and most importantly, they will leave with actionable takeaways that they can apply immediately within their roles and enterprise.

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Nicholas Webb

Going Beyond Outdated Customer Experience

Discover the benefits of a Human Centric Focus

The benefits of a Human Centric Focus, includes an organization’s ability to achieve Future Readiness while enjoying Rapid and Scalable Revenue Growth, and the ability to Attract, Retain, and Inspire both Customers and Mission Critical Talent. Nick specializes in providing world-class Keynote Presentations for organizations within Financial Services, Banking, Healthcare, B2B, and B2C.

As one of the Top Keynote Speakers in the World, he has achieved Five-Star Speaking Status by thoughtfully customizing each presentation to surgically connect to the needs, problems, and opportunities of his valued clients. In a time of massive disruption, and change “Generic Keynote Presentations” will never serve your audience with the much-needed customization, specificity, and relevancy.

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Industries Nick Serves

Whether it’s the dynamic fields of Financial Services, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance and Both B2B and B2C arenas. His focus in these industries includes the work he does as the CEO of LeaderLogic

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How to Drive Customer Happiness

and Growth in 2024 and Beyond

There’s a seismic shift happening. Many faltering organizations still cling to obsolete customer experience tools and strategies. The elite, however, are embracing the profound potency of Human Experience (HX) Design, setting them on a trajectory of immense growth. Join Nick Webb as he captivates your audience with riveting, industry-specific case studies. Learn the art and science of mastering customer experience amidst chaotic disruptions. Nick’s teachings transcend mere theory; they’re tangible, actionable insights that audience members can readily apply, transforming both their roles and the companies they represent. The style of this 100% customize talk is upbeat, fun and inspirational.


Financial Services

& Banking Success Blueprint

The realm of financial services is undergoing monumental transformations. With surging consumer demands, it’s essential to stay ahead. In this captivating presentation, Nick offers invaluable insights, bypassing the dated and redundant, steering towards breakthrough strategies. Tailored to your organization’s unique needs, this powerful Keynote presentation also includes a custom report and a digital copy of Nick’s influential book, “One Step Ahead.” The style of this talk is upbeat, and engaging while also providing actionable insights.


How Healthcare

is Reinventing the Patient Experience

Healthcare’s metamorphosis demands an innovative outlook. Classic Patient Experience strategies no longer suffice. Dive into Nick’s groundbreaking research on Human Experience (HX) Design, gleaned from collaborations with top-tier healthcare institutions. Witness the transition from conventional methodologies to a comprehensive human-centric approach, enhancing experiences for patients, providers, and staff. Ensure your healthcare organization thrives amidst the chaotic tides of innovation. Leave with a game plan on how to apply Human Experience (HX) Design to create a transformative culture of Patient, Provider and Staff Happiness.


The Chaotic Future of Insurance

The good news

The insurance industry isn’t just changing; it’s being reshaped by Chaotic Innovation, Hyper-consumerism and Emerging Technologies. New trends and technologies, especially the surge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Software Automation (RSA), are flipping the script on how things have always been done. In Nick’s enlightening session, he will not just rehashing the same old ideas from the “Insurance Industry Echo Chamber.” Instead, he will dive deep into fresh research that offers a broader perspective. For leaders and sales executives hungry for actionable insights, this presentation is a goldmine. Learn how to harness this tidal wave of change and lead your organization confidently into the future. Nick’s presentations are high energy, aspirational and fun, while also providing practical and actionable takeaways.

Why Choose Nick?

Nick’s Bestselling Books, “What Customers Hate” and “What Customers Crave”

are not just critically acclaimed—they’re hailed as some of the Best Business and Marketing Books ever written. His research spans decades, and his insights are constantly being updated by leveraging his proprietary TrendGPS Research Methods.

Customer Experience

Certification, and Certificate Training

As the visionary CEO of LearnLogic®, Nick offers Certification and Training for customer service aficionados. His courses, steeped in pioneering research on Human Experience (HX) Design, are available digitally or through immersive on-site programs. Our certification programs include our Certified Master of Customer Experience®, Certified Customer Relationship Advocate®, Certified Customer Champion®, Certified Master of Patient Experience®, Certified Patient Relationship Advocate®, Certified Patient Champion®